Thanks to the collaborative work between all the entities that make up this partnership, this project will reach various achievements.


The objectives of this project are diverse and we consider that they coincide with the KA2 line of the Erasmus Plus Program:

  • Promote the inclusion and employability of VET students at risk of exclusion through their training and internships in technology companies.
  • Develop three-month mobility for FP students at risk of exclusion in universities and technology companies.
  • Develop learning tools that help the beneficiary group to successfully overcome and take advantage of mobility.
  • Improve the key skills of VET students at risk of exclusion, focusing them on the labor market, through the collaboration of the technological and educational sector.
  • Improve the intercultural and critical thinking skills of VET students at risk of exclusion.
  • Encourage VET students at risk of exclusion to exceed their limits and not curb their educational expectations, creating an interest in them to go beyond their studies and become involved in leading research centers.
  • Promote language learning and linguistic diversity. Foreign languages ​​play an important role, as the lack of these is one of the main barriers that students face throughout their training and in view of access to the labor market.
  • Promote transnational cooperation between VET education centers, universities and technology companies.
  • Promote interaction between practice, research and politics, increasing collaboration with educational and political authorities at both regional, national and European levels.
  • Create synergies between the entities of the strategic network (universities, technology companies and VET education centers).


VET students at risk of exclusion from particularly disadvantaged areas are the main beneficiary of the VET STUDENTS INTO TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES project. This project will allow them to train and access a first experience in a motivating and attractive job in the technology sector. This experience not only offers them a real first emancipatory opportunity, but also the improvement of their curriculum, facilitating their subsequent access to the labor market. However, despite the fact that VET students are the main beneficiary group, it is considered essential that this initiative also has an impact on all the entities involved, especially on VET education centers, technology-based companies and collaborating organizations.

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