For the evaluation of the project, a SYSTEM FOR THE GLOBAL CONTROL OF THE PROJECT has been chosen that analyzes the different processes in which the various actions of the project have been structured. This allows us to continuously evaluate the progress of the project and the quality of achievement in each of the activities and phases.
In this way, three characteristic moments have been defined for the evaluation:

    Once each of the activities that make up the project is completed, a specific evaluation process will be established for said activity, in order to ensure that the objectives assigned to it have been achieved and, if there is any type of non-conformity, establish the appropriate corrective measures
    At the end of each of the phases, the various phase indicators will be analyzed and the suitability of the results will be evaluated.
    The final evaluation is one of the most important parts of the project, as it reviews the achievement of the objectives and the fulfillment of the indicators for the entire project.

In addition, evaluations of key points of the initiative have been established: after each of the transnational meetings, of the multiplier events and in the intellectual results.

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