During the project, four transnational meetings will be held that will allow the coordination and creation of results, as well as the evaluation and coordination of the project. They will take place in SPAIN, ITALY and PORTUGAL.


Date: April 27, 2020

The situation we meet in the whole world due to COVID19, has prevented us from holding the first transnational meeting in person due to the closure of borders.
However, we have carried out this meeting in a virtual way, as we consider it important to maintain fluid communication between all the project partners and to  advance in the development of the materials and objectives of the project from the very beginning of the project.

In this interesting and productive first transnational meeting we had the opportunity to get to know each other, especially with those entities that had not collaborated in previous projects. Thanks to this meeting the contents and objectives of the intellectual results were discussed.

Likewise, the methods were defined to advance with the campaign of presentation and visibility of the project by each of the partners.

The participants of the meeting were the representatives of each of the partner entities, which facilitated decision-making on the topics discussed at the meeting.


Date: September 10, 2020


Due to the circumstances of the COVID19 pandemic, we continue to hold transnational meetings virtually. We believe that it is very important to continue holding these meetings, even if we do not have the opportunity to hold them in person.

In this meeting we focus on the intellectual results O1. ON YOUR SIDE and O2. PERSONALIZED DIGITAL COURSE. We also discussed an overview of the project and assigned pending tasks.

Members of the project’s partner entities have participated in this meeting, allowing us to advance according to the planned schedule and hold a meeting with fluid communication.


In addition to transnational meetings, the following activities have been carried out so far:

COORDINATION AND COMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES BETWEEN PARTNERS. Periodically, various virtual meetings are being held in order not only to maintain fluid and stable communication between project partners, but also to coordinate the different tasks and phases of the project.

ACTIVITIES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF RESULTS. The project partners are holding virtual meetings for the realization of the intellectual results (O1-O2). In this way, we are complying with the work plan and guaranteeing the high-quality of the results.

NATIONAL ACTIVITIES FOR THE REALIZATION OF TANGIBLE RESULTS. In the same way as with the intellectual results, virtual meetings are being held for coordination and activities for the realization of the planned tangible results.

ACTIVITIES FOR THE VISIBILIZATION OF THE PROJECT. Since January 2020, when the visibility campaign began, we have been holding bilateral meetings with collaborating entities, education centers and members of the university team to present and make the project visible.

ACTIVITIES FOR THE REALIZATION OF PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL. To gain visibility, dissemination and positive impact, we are creating a wide range of promotional material in order to present the project and reach a large number of recipients.


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