On October 14, 2022, Dimitrios Fligkos and Panagiotis Chatzipapas from the 1st Epalgematiko Lykeio Kato Achaias educational center participated in #ErasmusDays2022 and presented the #ErasmusPlus project “VIRTUAL INTERNSHIPS IN TECH CENTERS”.
The event, which took place at the Archaeological Museum of Patras, was attended by officials from the regional directorate of primary and secondary education in Western Greece, such as the Regional Governor, the Deputy Regional Governor for research and innovation entrepreneurship or the regional director of education, members from Europe Direct and education experts from various educational centers in the region.
Participation in this event has been a success and a great opportunity to present the project to those responsible for the Ministry of Education and educational centers with the capacity to implement the results.
Also, take advantage of the event to present the results of the projects carried out by the CRITICALTHINKING4VET network.