a VET students mobility network in the technologycal sector through a virtual environment with specific materials for critical thinking

The middle vocational training cycles (VET studies) are an effective and accessible way for students at risk of social exclusion to improve their employability possibilities, since it allows them to technically train in a short time to perform a job and try to access the market labor. However, not even obtaining a degree aimed at professional training ensures access to the labor market or real possibilities of emancipation.

The objective is to promote the development of technological and digital skills, along with critical thinking, through the implementation of a VET student mobility network in high-tech centers, which allowing the implementation of an innovative system of practices in technological companies based on virtual tools collaborative work methodologies and virtual training materials. All this through the strategic partnership formed by several research centers, technology-based companies and VET education centers throughout Europe.

This Project continues and complements the “CRITICAL THINKING AS A STEP FORWARD IN VET EDUCATION” initiative, where curricular adaptations were generated for VET centers to promote the training of their students for their work in technological centers, at the same time, the research center adapts its work processes for the inclusión of these students.

In previous projects, we focused on technology centers and VET centers, allowing them to show VET students how to analyze and develop the skills to work in a technology center. We now believe that we must focus on the students themselves

We will provide them with useful tools to carry out work practices so that these young people have a first work experience in a motivating and appealing job where they are involved in the development of state-of-the-art projects and improve their curriculum before of their subsequent access to the job market. work, because these young people can have great motivation and dynamism to overcome their barriers.



The Vocational Training offers a technical and specialized option, oriented to the successful labour insertion or a reincorporation into labour market. However, although these studies make it possible to continue to higher studies, this is rarely achieved because the methodological gap between the two educative levels. In the case of students with fewer needs these barriers are almost always insurmountable

The aim of CRITICAL THINKING AS A STEP FORWARD IN VET EDUCATION: VET STUDENTS IMMERSED IN HIGH TECHNOLOGY TEAMS project was to generate high-quality results that allow implementing a high performance internship system abroad for students with difficulties in social inclusion or future employment inclusion coursing half cycles of vocational training in a network of research centers and technology-based companies

Such internship system promote significantly the participant students` employability, especially the one of those with fewer opportunities, providing them with experience in a demanding work setting, and improving their curricula. Further, this young people are encouraged to pursue higher education. These goals are really difficult to attain for students with these kind of barriers

This system has been involve a network of cutting-edge research centres, which has developed a very innovative methodology, based on collaborative working and on the student`s integration in brand new internships: excellence technological or scientific research group and tech-based enterprises

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