We have carried out a dissemination day for 6 VET students of mechanics and agriculture from the 1st Epalgematiko lyekio Kato Achaias educational center (Greece) at the Ikasia Technologies facilities.
On this day we have presented the results of the Erasmus Plus project “VET STUDENTS INTO TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES”, as well as the training program in technology centers in which students from Greece and Spain have been able to carry out long-term mobility within the framework of the project .
The participants have shown great interest in carrying out the PERSONALIZED DIGITAL COURSE FOR LABOR TRAINING IN TECHNOLOGY CENTERS (O2) and the use of the ON YOUR SIDE application (O1).
This conference has been very important and interesting, because it has allowed us to disseminate the results of the project to VET students who are direct beneficiaries of both projects and who can take advantage of the results, thus promoting their employability and inclusion in the technology sector.



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