On February 8, 2023, Laura Gómez, head of E+ projects at Ikasia Technologies, presented the project to Pierre Carrolaggi, training manager at Greta du Velay. It was a great opportunity to introduce the project to an educational center with the capacity to implement the results and generate a very positive impact on VET students and teachers.

Greta du velay is part of the G.R.E.T.A. network. A network of 191 public education and training centres that is part of the French Ministry of National Education and Youth. As Greta is a group of establishments, there are a total of more than 4,750 places where training services can be carried out.

Thanks to this activity, we were able to make the project visible to schools in Greta de Monistrol-sur-Loire, Greta Nord Allier, Greta Dore-Allier, Greta Auvergne, Greta Monts du Cantals, Greta Boubonnais Combraille. In addition, this activity will allow us to disseminate the results of the project to the dozens of educational centers throughout the G.R.E.T.A. network.



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