In November 2023 Panagiotis Karampelas, director of the 1st Epalgematiko Lykeio Kato Achaias, requested participation in the I International Scientific Congress of Artà “Innovation, Education and Lifelong Learning in the XXI Century” organized by the Regional Unit (PE) of Artà, the Directorate of Primary Education (DIPE) of Artà and the City Council of Artà to present the Erasmus Plus projects “Futurevet” and “Techvetlab”.

The main objectives of this congress are:

  1. Constructive dialogue among members of the educational community,
  2. The publication of modern scientific positions,
  3. The presentation and enhancement of innovative practices at the educational level, in the context of formal, informal and non-formal education, as well as adult education,
  4. Redefine the role of the teacher and adapt it to the new data of education, and
  5. The registration and revaluation of the educational reality.

This congress will be attended by education researchers and academics, members of the A.E.I. D.E.P., teachers of all specialties and educational levels, education directors, students, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations and representatives of local government.



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