Adalo is a no-code platform that allows you to easily develop no-code web applications. It comes with a free plan that allows you access to 200 registrations per app, 1000 monthly app actions, and 1 app publisher.

From its website you can start using this platform

Among the main features of Adalo we find:
• It is based on a component system.
• It allows you to drag elements and develop an application.
• It has a powerful database.
• It has extensive functionalities for user management.
• Integrable with other tools

On its website they offer a set of resources to learn how to use Adalo, such as:




Apache OpenOffice is a free software for the creation of texts, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics and databases available in several languages.
It is available for various operating systems like Windows, MacOS, and Linux among others.


From its website you can access the download of the software in different operating systems, languages and versions.



You have access to simulators developed within the framework of the E+ Project “VIRTUAL INTERNSHIPS IN TECHNOLOGY CENTERS”.

The simulation of work learning is an effective method based on immersive computer technologies that conceives students as active agents in the development of their knowledge, skills and professional attitudes through experience.



This is the student’s guide that will help you navigate the private e-learning environment area, in which you will experience the simulation of activities with the characteristics, structure, equipment and software of a job position in a technology company. These tasks are realistically designed according to the role that you could have during a future internships in such companies.

This way, when starting your mobility period, you will already have a previous expertise that will help you be effective in the real company environment.

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