A completely free and innovative software compatible with that used by technology companies to control operational and production processes but directly adapted to the characteristics and educational needs of VET. A result that will allow not only to coordinate networking between the classroom and the technology company, but also to transmit to the student business management methods and tools, develop scheduling skills, realistic time control, develop cross-cutting skills and establish logical analysis of consequences through student logic tree diagrams. This tool can be used together with the BPI methodology or as an independent work simulator for classrooms that use the PBL method.

What procedures will this software allow?


Those responsible for the project will be able to manage and monitor the entire project as a whole, having the possibility of accessing a global vision of it. On the other hand, the students, from the main panel of the project, will be able to access to the most relevant information of the project (description, objectives, tasks and their distribution, scheduling…).


The software will have a “Networking” section that will allow participants to collaborate and discuss any aspect related to the project. Good communication not only increases productivity, but also allows learning to work in a team and develop key elements of critical thinking. In addition, it will enhance the ability to work interdisciplinary with people from diverse backgrounds.


On the one hand, project managers will have the ability to create and assign tasks to multiple students. On the other hand, students will see both from the main panel and from the “Tasks” section the main information of these tasks (title, phase, completion status, due date), while if they access each task they will be able to access a detailed description of it and comments that tutors have made to help them in its completion.


It will allow the creation of Gantt diagrams, a tool that provides an overview of the tasks and phases of a project. These diagrams will allow students to be aware of the overall performance of the team, fostering collaboration and work organization. In short, learning transversal skills from working in a company.


By means of a calendar, users will be able to see planned meetings, task completion dates and phases…


Managers can add users to the project team, assigning them a name, a role, a department, the branch of studies and the educational center to which they belong. Students will be able to access this information at all times, allowing them to get to know each member of the team, especially those company technicians with whom they will be working side by side.


It is totally independent. By itself it allows useful learning for students.

If used together with the rest of the results of this project it will allow not only to coordinate the networking between the classroom and the technology company, but to enhance employability skills in the technology sector.

It promotes networking between the classroom and the technology company.

It will introduce the student to fundamental concepts such as QFD total quality processes or logical tree diagrams to segment processes into sub-processes through a causal relationship.


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